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A Frozen Flower (2008) Full Movie

A Frozen Flower (2008) Full Movie

A Frozen Flower (2008) Full Movie

A Frozen Flower
Director : Ha Yoo
Screenwriter : Ha Yoo
Starring : In-sung Jo / Jin-mo Ju / Ji-hyo Song
Type: Drama
Production Country / Region: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: 2008-11-30
Duration: 133 minutes
IMDb link: tt1155053

A Frozen Flower Synopsis......

King Koryo ( Zhu Town, Mold ), born from birth, shouldered the heavy burdens of the country. In order to quell the eye-catching forces both inside and outside the dynasty, whether or not the dynastic blood could be renewed became the people's expectation of the king. When Wang was young, the royal family selected the same age of the juvenile, as close guards to be cultivated, which Honglin ( Zhao Yincheng ornaments) and the best relationship between the king. From an early age to fully integrate themselves into the lives of the king, it can be said that Hung Lin was born for the king. Although the two grew older, Hong Lin and the tacit understanding of the king around them always surrounded by more ambiguous meaning than brotherhood. Until one day, the Yuan Dynasty forces threatened the step by step approach to national security. In desperation, Wang married the princess of the Yuan Dynasty as a princess ( Song Ji Hyo ) . At this time, Hung Lin still loyally guards a couple. Ministers begged the king to finish his marriage as soon as possible to give birth to his countrymen to stabilize the people's hearts. In the face of a totally unfiltered princess, Wang Zhuren ordered Hong Lin to complete his mission for him. Hong Lin, the heart of complex things later found himself in fact already fell in love with a gentle and beautiful princess, but the loyalty of the king so that he has been ignored inner feelings. Gradually Hung Lin and the king is no longer so close, but all the details of the king look in the eyes, jealous of him almost lost his mind, but unfortunately the country's security and like a chains him firmly trapped. Just as the king struggled, the Princess, who was so humiliating because she was cold-hearted, was involved in another court plot. Ultimately, the trio's feelings can only be extinct in the rise and fall of the dynasty.

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