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Goodbye Mr. X (2016) Tv-show

Goodbye Mr. X (2016) Tv-show

Goodbye Mr. X (2016) Tv-show

Goodbye Mr. X
Director : Zhang Wenshuang
Screenplay : Yin Jingwang He Weiying Zhang Shucheng
Starring : Ma Yiming / Zhang Yu / Guo Le / Han Han
Type: Drama / Love / Suspense / Same sex
Producer Country/Region: China Mainland
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Premiere: 2016-08-21
Episode : 69
single episodes Duration: 15 minutes
Also known as: Me and Mr. Season 3

Goodbye Mr. X's Synopsis · · · · · ·

A gorgeous party everyone went to the villa in the mountains for a carnival. However, behind the carnival, it is precisely the organization of carefully planned killings. Seven teenagers are imprisoned in a villa and die every day.....


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