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Men's Addiction (2016) Full Movie

Men’s Addiction (2016) Full Movie

Men's Addiction (2016) Full Movie

Men's Addiction
Director : Motoko
Screenwriter : Motoko
Starring : Han Zi / Zou Jianwen / Getian Liang
type: Drama / Romance / homosexual
Producer countries / regions: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin
Release date: 2016-07-29 (mainland China)
pieces Length: 64 minutes

Men's Addiction Synopsis · · · · · ·

An accident, let Zong Ze found that Yao Tai's girlfriend and his ex-boyfriend also have a variety of relationships, out of his own feelings about Yao Tai, did not tell Yao Tai. When Yao Tai sent his girlfriend home, she met her ex-boyfriend and separated from her. In Zong Zejia’s tutoring, Yao Tai learned about Zong Ze’s sexual orientation. Since then, away from Zongze. The Zong Zein family went to Thailand for reasons. After seven years, Zong Zewa was a woman who came to Yao Tai's side. After a series of encounters, she discovered that this woman was Zong Ze. After her own ideological struggle, a different story happened. ······

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