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Spa Night (2016) Clip Edition
Clip edition Movie

Spa Night (2016) Clip Edition

Spa Night (2016) Clip Edition

Spa Night
Director : Andrew Ann
Screenwriter : Andrew Ann
Starring : Joe Xu / Hallie King / Cao Yan Hao / Song Thai / Zhonghao Ying
type: Plot / homosexual
Producer countries / regions: United States
Language: Korean / English / Spanish
Release date: 2016-01-24 (Sundance Film Festival) / 2017-11-02 (South Korea)
Trailer: 93 minutes
AKA: That night, I was warm in three
IMDb: tt5254640

Spa Night Synopsis · · · · · ·

David, the second-generation American immigrant to South Korea, has never planned to pursue further studies without helping to mention his homosexuality. Unexpectedly, the restaurant was forced to be forced back by the landlord. The family who lost their income was caught in gloom and could only seek the spiritual comfort of the Christian church. The lady voter advised David to visit her son, who is attending university, David must withstand the pressure of his parents 'high hopes for further studies. However, after a short weekend of college students' carnival, David found three warm jobs that could escape everything and even explore his own sexual orientation. In a steamy, For the time being, David can forget about what is right and what is wrong but still must face his inner struggles.
The forerunner of the new Korean director Andrew Andrew, delicately portrays the confusion of Koreans living with tradition and self-confrontation.


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