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Spicy Base (2017) Reality-show

Spicy Base (2017) Reality-show

Spicy Base (2017) Reality-show

Spicy Base
Director : XBXBXBB
Screenplay : Robin Tin / Durian Fuji Bear
Starring : Wo small bucket / Wood / Ma Tang / Wang Xiaohai / bamboo
Producer countries / regions: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin
premiere: 2017- 01-10 (Mainland China)
Quarters: 1
Episodes: 40
Singles Length: 10 minutes

Spicy Base Synopsis · · · · ·

"Spicy Base" is a 10-minute hilarious talk show produced by the director and the team of "Select Men". The program uses sitcom performances and spicy reviews to discuss emotional topics that are popular around us.


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