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You Are My Sunshine (2015) Cilp Edition
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You Are My Sunshine (2015) Cilp Edition

You Are My Sunshine (2015) Cilp Edition

You Are My Sunshine
Director : Yang Wenjun / Huang Bin
Screenwriter : Mo Fei Le / Gu Man To
star . Huang Xiaoming / Yang Mi / Tong Dawei / Yang Ying / Xie Yilin
Genre: Love
Production Country: China Mainland
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Release Date: 2015-04-30 (Mainland China)
Trailer: 107 minutes
Also known as: You Yimin silent movie version / You Are My Sunshine
IMDb link: tt4657764

You Are My Sunshine synopsis · · · · · · ·

Once, He Yichen (Huang Xiaoming ornaments) rejected the endless stream of followers, but chose pure and innocent Zhao Meisheng (Yang Mi ornaments), however, Zhao Meisheng special family background allows the couple finally embarked on Strange way. Blink of an eye over the past seven years, Zhao Meisheng back to the secret with a secret place, so she did not think that there, waiting for her, turned out to be no contact after the break even He Yichen.
In He Yichen's heart, has always retained the feelings of Zhao Meisheng, however, this time Zhao Meisheng already not the original bad girl, but a divorced woman. At the same time, there is an ulterior clash of past and irreconcilable relations between He Yichen's father and Zhao Meosheng's father, the loss of the family's blessing and support. Will this weather-beloved partner insist on his own choice?

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