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The Dream Children (2015) Clip Edition
Clip edition

The Dream Children (2015) Clip Edition

The Dream Children (2015) Clip Edition

The Dream Children
Director : Robert Chute
Screenwriter : Julia Britton / Angus Brown
Starring : Graeme Squires / Nicholas Gunn / Stefan Taylor / Marie - Therese Byrne / g Loudia Greenstone
Genre: Drama / Same sex
Producer Country: Australia
Language: English
Release date: 2015-04-30 (Miami gay film festival)
Film length: 98 minutes
Also known as: Love is Family
IMDb Link: tt3356682

The Dream Children Synopsis · · · · ·

On the one hand, TV celebrity Steve struggled to find the meaning of life in the ukiyo, and on the other hand, he was tired of his reputation and materialism. Only by avoiding the crowds to go to the beach to find his joy to resolve his own repression. After being forced to become a father by his spouse, Steve's initial dissatisfaction was gradually replaced by inexplicable love. However, the arrival of an uninvited guest set off a new wave of his life. An Australian same-sex affirmative movie that does not take unusual roads.

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