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Third Country (2017) Tv-show

Third Country (2017) Tv-show

Third Country (2017) Tv-show

Third Country
Director : Hass
Screenwriter : Jiao Yufeng / Zhang Yunxin
Starring : Li Yu / Jiang Ruchen
Type: Drama
Producer Country/Region: China Mainland
Language: Chinese Putonghua
Release Date: 2017-07-30 (Mainland China)
Length: 30 minutes

Third Country Synopsis · · · · · ·

Lin Qingyu, who was reluctant to face his father’s death, left Lijiang alone. Unexpectedly, he lost his purse and met the chance to meet the Naxi's Ah Ren. He became a local teaching teacher and also had a period of detachment from Ah Jen. When the two opened their hearts and exchanged tokens, they were discovered by the Naxi ethnic group. When the unacceptable feelings occurred in ethnic minorities in remote mountains, what kind of choice did Ah Jen make between feelings and traditions?


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